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Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movies Parts 1 & 2 in Theaters

madoka magica

Tonight we all went to go see Puella Magi Madoka Magica Parts 1 & 2 in theaters in Tempe. The viewing was an encore screening of the movie, the first which was held on Janurary 12th, doing so well that the movie sold out! I couldn’t get to go last time, so I made an effort to go this time around and even saw some cosplayers turn out for the movie.



Watching the series again in movie form was a whole lot of fun. It really is a great story and it was great that it did well enough that it got an encore screening. This show wasn’t sold out, but there were still quite a large amount of people who showed up giving support to Madoka.

Taiyou-Con 2013 Results


Taiyou-Con was last weekend and I had an absolute blast at this convention! Our newest panels, “Salute to Fanservice” and “Waifu-ism and You” were huge successes and we had loads and loads of fun with everyone who turned out for this convention! Everyone was enlightened with Brian’s BAYMAN story and we even got to meet Cristina Vee, Lauren Landa and Sonny Strait. I even got my chest signed by Chris Guerrero (poor guy never signed anyone’s boobs before and I agreed to change that)! Big, BIG thanks to the guests who were willing to answer our questions and take pics with us!

Panty and Stocking

Matt-Suda looking pretty pumped! You've got no idea how fast my heart was beating at this point! chest is still signed! Sonny with Brian's wrenches me and Sonny Project Nailbat with Saeko Bushijima

If you missed us at Taiyou, (while it’s not officially confirmed) me and the others are planning to attend Con-nichiwa this March. However in the meantime, you can watch our Youtube videos on our channel and like us on Facebook. Also, make sure to check out Brian’s (IRONHOOF) blog “Lost in the Overworld” for even more content in between our convention appearances. Once again, big thanks to Taiyou-Con for having us hold panels, Cristina Vee, Chris Guerrero, Lauren Landa and Sonny Strait for the great memories, and especially you guys out there who come to our panels. Without you, we’d just be four guys sitting in a room for hours at a time just talking to ourselves!

Taiyou-Con 2013

Taiyou-Con is here again everyone and we’re gonna be there at conning in up with everyone there! So come up and see our panels, play our games, and join in on our various discussions that we’re planning to have! It’s gonna be a lot of fun, so you don’t want to miss it.

Hotel/Convention info:

Mercedes Benz Commercial by Production I.G.

Be sure to activate the subtitles in the video

Evangelion 3.0 Teaser!

A teaser trailer for Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo was released…confirming a release date exactly one month from now on November 17th in theaters in Japan.

Project Nailbat Played Weiß Schwarz

Saboten Con was just this past Labor Day weekend and for three days it was home to some interesting things. One of the many things that caught my attention was a card game that I had bought a deck for called Weiß Schwarz.

The concept of the game is that several different series from anime, video games and visual novels can do battle amongst each other. I played the game the other day with an awesome Fate/Zero deck against a Disgaea deck that fellow member Ironhoof had bought. We literally ended up with fights like Irisviel von Einsbern fight Etna and Saber fighting Flone.

The object of the game is to go one on one with your opponent until either they or you level up to Level 4. However, despite the object of the game being to have your opponent rise in levels, the more levels they gain, the more powerful cards that your opponent can play to deal massive damage with and potentially turn the game into their favor.

Weiß Schwarz has been around in japan for a good while now and there’s currently a massive amount of other franchises that you could choose from, including Persona 4, A Certain Magical Index, Lucky Star and many, many more! Unfortunately none of those series aside from the ones that were available at Saboten Con (which were Disgaea, Puella Magi Madoka Magicka and Fate/Zero) have been translated into English yet, but if the game sells well, then we’ll be seeing more and more packs and decks translated soon. In the meantime, you could go onto to see translations for all of the cards that are available if you feel like importing them for playing. Otherwise, we’ll all just have to wait until we get more decks like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Idolm@ster, and Black Rock Shooter translated once the game takes off in the states!

Saboten Con Results

Saboten Con has come and gone, and this year I”d have to say that it was phenomenal. The panels and events were great and even all of our panels had amazing turnouts. Got to see Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Troy Baker live and had a lot of fun running King of the Otaku and Otaku Jeopardy. Of course we can’t forget all of the Super Nailbat Party Blowout and how much fun that was.  Big thanks to the guys at Saboten Con who let us do the panels, to the contestants that we had participate in our fun and games and to everyone else who joined us for our Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts discussion panels! We really appreciate you all for coming out and we hope to see you next time we’re at a convention.

Saboten Con 2012

Project Nailbat is making a return to Saboten Con in just 14 daysthis year. Take a look at our list of events that we’re gonna be running at the convention and make sure if you’re in the area you come on down and see us!

Panty and Stocking Full Episodes on Youtube

To help promote the North American release of the show, Funimation has put up the first two episodes of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt on Youtube. The episodes are available in English and as long as you sign into Youtube and prove you’re old enough to view mature content (or just have an account that says you’re old enough) then you can watch the entire episodes for free.

The DVD and Blu-Ray of the show is now available, so if you liked the episodes and wanted to watch more, then you can go online and buy the complete series of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt for around $50.

English Trailer For…

Make sure you watch till the end…

Not too sure if I’d agree with this statement though…

More Than an April Fool’s Joke?

This year for April Fool’s, Adult Swim shocked every single one of its viewers that ever watched anime in the 90’s by airing Toonami all night instead of the usual movie, The Room. In one night, they showed all of the shows that fans knew and loved like Trigun, Outlaw Star, Dragonball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho and many others! It was incredible night if you managed to catch it!

And while Toonami coming back for one night is news enough, earlier tonight, posted on Adult Swim’s official twitter account, “Want it back? Let us know. #BringBackToonami”.

Since then, hundreds of posts have been popping up using the #BringBackToonami in their comments…including the voice of TOM himself, Steve Blum! So right now, it’s up to the fans to make their voices heard by tweeting and telling everyone they know!


Type-Moon’s Next Project…Fate/Apocrypha…Again…

Type-Moon has been a topic of interest lately, with the Fate/Zero anime still running strong as well as the U.S. release of Fate/Extra for the PSP. Now, it seems like there will be a new project involving their online game, Fate/Apocrypha through Type-Moon Ace on December 15th.

Fate/Apocrypha was scheduled to be an online game based on the Holy Grail War that takes place in the Fate/Stay Night continuity, however it was never released. Some rumors say that it had been outright canceled, but the news that will come on December 15th will show whether the game will it make a return or if it’ll be another anime project.

The setting of most of the Fate story lines is during a war between seven magi in search for The Holy Grail, which will give the last person standing any wish that they desire. The magi fight by summoning Servants to do battle for them, each of which is a heroic spirit or someone who had brought about a great change in the world while they were alive. In short, it’s kind of like an Ultimate Showdown

Type-Moon’s Fate/Stay Night and it’s many other works have a habit of taking some of history’s fabled figures and heroes and through some magic, turn them into the opposite gender. (Well…mainly it’s been turning men into women) Here are some of the following who have been Rule 63’d by Type-Moon. WARNING: these images are SPOILERS to each of their respective games/anime.

Fate/Stay Night’s Saber: King Arthur

Fate/Extra’s Rider: Francis Drake

and last but not least…Fate/Apocrypha’s Assassin: Jack the Ripper

Source: ANN and Ota-News

Sentai Filmworks Motto: Disregard Currency, Aquire Licences

Sentai Filmworks lately have been getting their hands on several shows from Japan and bringing them over to the states. Over the summer they got the shows, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimou, Samurai Girls, Angel Beats and even High School of the Dead! Well it looks like that they’re not planning to take it easy at all after the summer, already announcing several new licences that they had just gotten…and some of these shows aren’t even airing in Japan yet!

Show #1, Kamisama no Memo-chou (Heaven’s Memo Pad)Show #2: No.6Show #3: Yumekui Merry (Dream Eater Merry)Show #4: Infinite Stratos Show #5: Persona 4 The Animation Sentai has been going on non-stop with these rapid acquisitions. I wonder what else they REALLY SHOULD get the rights to next…?

*edit* Never mind, apparently Funimation already took the rights for Steins;Gate

Seriously…What The Hell, Internet?!

Ever go on youtube and see a link and just ask yourself “But…why?!” only to find yourself clicking on it and moments later discovering that it’s actually not really that bad…pretty good even? Well I just had that feeling with the video above. There are dozens of these anime/music mash ups all over Youtube…and a lot of them are really good! The one above is by psycosis91, in case you didn’t know, it’s a mash up of A Certian Magical Index‘s OP, Masterpiece and Cee-lo Green’s Bright Lights Bigger City. The one below is by nakinyko and it’s a cross by Jay-Z‘s Dirt off Your Shoulder and Durarara!! OP, Uragiri no Yuuyake.

Another one of nakinyko’s creations, Diamonds are Forever and Listen!!

There’s too many of these things that I really loved to put onto the site, but take a look at both Nakinyko‘s and Psycosis91 channels for more mash-ups!

Madoka Coming to Otakon!

Several minutes ago, through twitter, Aniplex USA as well as the official Twitter account for the anime announced that Puella Magi Madoka Magica will be making in US (subtitled) debut at Otakon at the end of the month. Following the debut will be a panel with the executive producer, Atsuhiro Iwakami discussing the project.

Since the initial announcement through twitter, as well as the announcement of the site and domain name, there has been nothing specific announced about the show, such as who’s going to be in the cast or a release date. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks we’ll finally have some specifics about the upcoming anime.

Project Nailbat + PCC!

Project Nailbat is going to be at Phoenix Comicon this weekend! Come join us in the panels we have set up for everyone:


Final Fantasy General – Here we have a random discussion about all things Final Fantasy, what we love about the series, what we hate, what we want to see in future instalments, etc.

Saturday (otherwise known as “Game Day”):

Otaku Jeopardy: Back by popular demand (even though it technically never went anywhere, we really love putting this game on for everyone every chance we get) We’ve got Jeopardy, otaku style! This time we have brand new questions to test your knowledge and see if you know more than whatever random person we sit next to you in the room.

King of the Otakus: New and improved for maximum efficiency and fun. Join us as we see who is worthy to take the crown, (or just whatever prizes we have) home.


Mass Effect General: Here we talk all things Mass Effect, choices we made, outcomes and reactions to everyone’s playthrough and speculations about the upcoming Mass Effect 3.

We hope to see you all there!

FMA Movie Poster

Ain’t it Cool News found this neat promo art for the Fullmetal Alchemist movie opening in teaters in Japan on July 2nd, Fullmetal Alchemist: Milos no Sei-Naru Hoshi.

Fate/ZERO Teaser Trailer

The trailer for Fate/Zero finally had a trailer released for everyone to see on the internet. While not much is really shown, there’s still just enough to get fans of the franchise excited! The video can be viewed here!

Fate/ZERO is at this time scheduled to be released in October of this year! For more information about the Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay Night story check out the Type-Moon Wiki (but beware of spoilers!)

Gurren Jack In The Box


We’re Officially Going Con-Nichiwa 2011

Please excuse the lack of updates, but I assure you there is a good reason for it. On March 25th through the 27th, Project Nailbat will be making it’s first convention appearance since the start of the website at Con-nichiwa 2011 in Tuscon, AZ. So right now, everything is being focused on getting prepared for this convention. We will be there for at least two of the three days and we will be running a couple of panels as well, so if you live in the Tuscon area and/or are planning on attending the convention, please stop by and visit our panels, you’re in for a great time!

We’re in the process of fine tuning our panels for the convention to make sure everything will be perfect.

Know Your Internet Meme: Ever wonder how or probably more importantly, why some things on the internet are popular? Well now you can know why. We’ll go in depth into several internet songs, catch phrases and videos and explain to you just how they came to be. We’ve got nearly a complete list from “Bed Intruder” to “Vuvuzelas”.

Final Fantasy General Panel: Join us on our discussion about (almost) literally all things Final Fantasy. We’ll go through all of Final Fantasy I-XIII (cause XIV is the one that NONE of us here play), as well as a few of their spin-offs and engage the audience to gather opinions as to which characters were the biggest bad asses, which villain was the most maniacal, and which Final Fantasies were the best (and possibly the worst).

Okaku Jeopardy: We’ve redesigned our Anime Jeopardy panel to give you Otaku Jeopardy from Saboten Con 2010. It’s bigger! It’s better! And it’s back like never before! (well…okay, we’ve added a few more questions and the topics now span video games and music as well…resulting in a name change since it wasn’t JUST anime anymore). Come to this panel and challenge other players to compete for prizes!

King of the Otakus: Finally, our brand new game making it’s debut in Con-nichiwa. Players compete to see just who is the top dog. Compete to see who’s more knowledgable in the Otaku arts. Only one will be worthy of the title, “King”. Inspired by the Scene-It DVD board game, players race to the finish to see who is The King of the Otakus.

So those are our panels. Stay tuned for updates and hopefully we’ll be seeing you there in the next couple weeks at Con-Nichiwa.

School Days is Back Like You’d Never Believe!

She looks so…happy(?) about this. May God help us if this turns out to be an April Fools joke

Epic news was made a few hours ago, possibly one of the most epic events to happen in the year 2011! In an ultimate team up that’ll make even Marvel comics pee their pants, JAST USA, Overflow, and Sekai Project are joining forces to bring the visual novel, School Days HQ to America, completely uncensored, high quality, and in English!

Earlier last year, School Days HQ came out in Japan, which was an updated version of the original game, which was buggy and went out of sync at times. School Days HQ was made with the engine that it’s sequel, Cross Days, which ran at least 10 times smoother. The franchise has never set foot outside of japan (except for the anime, which if you’ve seen, then you’d understand why this is big news!) School Days is probably known for it’s main protagonist, Makoto Itou, becoming such a professional man/man-whore, it’s happy beginnings slowly going towards it gruesome and violent endings, and of course ”Nice Boat”. It’s the closest an anime fan will get to watching a devious little soap opera and enjoy it!

A reason why this is big news was that the Sekai Project is a group of fan translators who’ve been working for years trying to translate and complete the game for fans who wanted to play the game in America but couldn’t understand Japanese. So it’s amazing that Overflow decided, rather than throwing a fit at what Sekai Project was trying to do and order a Cease and Desists,  to partner up with them and JAST USA and bring School Days HQ to the USA.

If you’ve never seen the School Days anime, watch it! Seriously, it’s worth at least one watch through and you won’t be disappointed. For more info on the story of School Days, the Sekai Project website has a great synopsis of it all. There’s no news yet as to exactly when the game is supposed to be out, but again, let’s hope this isn’t really an elaborate April Fool’s joke. Cause if so, there’s a good chance that there will be riots in the streets.

Sources: ANN, Sankaku Complex, Sekai Project, and JAST USA

Edited on 07/12/11: JAST USA recently tweeted that School Days is now scheduled for a release sometime in 2012 due to the current conditions in Japan.

X-men Anime Trailer

Madhouse’s team up with Marvel to create several anime mini-series of superheroes continues in April with X-men. A trailer was recently released and looks really good! The whole trailer can be seen here.

Looks like Wolverine will be in this Madhouse production too, despite already having his own anime revolving around him on this current season. It’s still good though because to some people it just isn’t X-men without Wolverine!

The series is going to be 12 episodes long and apparently G4tv already has the licensing rights to it, as well as Madhouse’s previous anime featuring Marvel characters, Wolverine and Iron Man.

Saeko Busujima Cosplay

Another day [with little to no news] another cosplay. Here’s Busujima from High School of the Dead. Taken from Sankaku Complex.

Toradora! OVA!

Last night, Sankaku Complex announced that the anime, Toradora! was going to be getting not only a new blu-ray box set sometime in the not-too-distant future, but a brand new OVA. The OVA is a continuation of the story, however fan are speculating what the OVA will have, especially with one of the possible endings you get with the PSP visual novel release of the game.

Toradora! is based off of a light novel about a couple of students, each known for having a bad reputation in school, who starts off on bad terms with one another until they come to learn that each one of them is in love with the other’s best friend. So they make a deal to try to set each other up with their respective crush in anyway they can and with comedic results.

It’s a hilarious romantic comedy and you can actually find the first few episodes available on ANN for free. I highly recommend giving this show a chance so when the OVA comes out, you’ll be ready. The show originally came out back in 2008, but NIS had gotten the license to the show for an American release just last year.


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