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Evangelion 3.0 Teaser!

A teaser trailer for Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo was released…confirming a release date exactly one month from now on November 17th in theaters in Japan.

Dead or Alive 5 Watch: Mila

Two weeks from today is Dead or Alive 5! While there’s very little else to announce about the game before the release that hasn’t already been announced yet officially by Team Ninja, there is in fact one more character that hasn’t been officially revealed.

A few screens have surfaced before now, but there was recently a video featuring the new character, Mila in a scene in story mode as well as some gameplay featuring her. Her background seems to be that she’s a waitress with an MMA fighting style.

Granted the video’s subtitles and menus are in French, all of the dialogue is in English, so at least we can understand at least half of what’s going on. The game’s story mode is filled with bonus objectives that you can complete during the story which can be seen like a featured tutorial that helps the player learn the game kind of how Dead or Alive Dimensions had for the Nintendo 3DS, allowing players to learn the game while wasting little time delving into the game’s story mode.  Completing these objectives gives you titles like Street Fighter IV or more notably Persona 4 Arena that you can call yourself for other players to see. The more challenges you complete, the more titles and hidden challenges you can unlock which in turn can give you even more titles to name yourself.

The game drops in two weeks on September 25th. Get ready to fight!

EDIT: Litterally the MINUTE I finished writing this, this video was launched!

Dead or Alive 5 Watch: Opening Declaration Trailer

Perhaps is was due to poor planning on the part of Team Ninja for revealing a new trailer for Dead or Alive 5 the day after Persona 4: Arena gets released, but this completely slipped past me. This trailer looks great, and reveals several characters we’ve been waiting to see announced for the game like Brad Wong and Helena.

And if that wasn’t enough to get you going, the official site finally opened the story page and offers details about all of the past Dead or Alive games and even this sweet relationship chart to see where everyone stands with each other. In just a little over a month from now, the game will be out, so watch the trailer and get hyped!

Tekken Tag Tournament: Xtreme Swimsuit Edition

Looks like Namco is trying to prove to Tecmo that the characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 can look good in bikinis and swimsuits just like Tecmo’s characters in Dead or Alive. Only to take it a step further, it looks like the male cast of Tekken is participating as well. If you pre-order Tekken Tag Tournament 2, then you’ll get a bikini pack that comes with over 100 swimsuits you can use to customize your characters with.

Of course…Tecmo recently released this video showcasing a few of the things available to you if you pre-order Dead or Alive 5…

Panty and Stocking Full Episodes on Youtube

To help promote the North American release of the show, Funimation has put up the first two episodes of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt on Youtube. The episodes are available in English and as long as you sign into Youtube and prove you’re old enough to view mature content (or just have an account that says you’re old enough) then you can watch the entire episodes for free.

The DVD and Blu-Ray of the show is now available, so if you liked the episodes and wanted to watch more, then you can go online and buy the complete series of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt for around $50.

English Trailer For…

Make sure you watch till the end…

Not too sure if I’d agree with this statement though…

Dead or Alive 5 Watch: E3 and Collector’s Edition

I’m actually a bit behind on my DOA 5 Watch, but there is in fact some more news since I last updated. The E3 trailer for the game shows off more of the game as well, as new characters, Kokoro and Sarah Bryant from Virtua Fighter.  On top of that, second build of the game was made available to the attendants at E3 and a tournament was held with the newer build which has seen several changes since the alpha demo was released for the people who pre-ordered Ninja Gaiden 3 (most notably the power moves and Hitomi’s face).

When interviewed about the game by video game news crews like IGN or Gamespot, the man representing Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei didn’t do a very good job at selling the game. At times he seemed to not fully understand what was even in the game, but the videos you can fine online of the tournaments could do all of the work for him anyway. The game looks amazing for an incomplete fighter. Every character has brand new moves in his or her repertoire which makes every fight look like something out of a well-choreographed martial arts movie. IGN Pro League was in charge of the tournament, which hosted several pro DOA tournament players.

But all of that was back at E3. Earlier today Tecmo Koei revealed the Dead or Alive 5 Collector’s Edition. The collector’s edition comes with a hardcover book, soundtrack of the game and a special steel case for the game, all for $79.99. Anyone who pre-orders the game will also get a handful of costumes for free, regardless if it’s for the collector’s edition or the standard edition. Downside to that is that it’s one of those, “based on where you pre-order the game from” deals. Pre-order the game from Gamestop and you’ll get bunny swimsuits for Hitomi, Kasumi and Leifang whereas pre-ordering it from Amazon and you’ll get “DOA Devils”(whatever that is?) swimsuits for Ayane, Tina and Christie.

Later this weekend, some more new characters and possibly a new trailer will be on the DOA 5 main site (according to the DOA 5 Facebook page) So hopefully I’ll be able to continue the Dead or Alive 5 watch from there.

Youtube Page LIVE

In case anyone was wondering, this is the reason why the site hasn’t really been updating as often as it should be…

With this launch video, Project Nailbat’s Youtube channel is now live! Stay tuned for more videos in the upcoming weeks!

E3 2012 Part 1: Microsoft Conference

Most of this conference revolved around either Halo 4, new games for the Kinect, or new games that involved the Kinect in some way or form. But the overall conference was filled with the usual ups and downs.  (though some would say that it had more downs than ups)

New Splinter Cell game: Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Now with Kinect. The new Splinter Cell game has you as Sam Ficher looking to prevent a terrorist group from assassinating key U.S. influences on what’s known as the Black List. Looks pretty hi-tech and even has Kinect playability

Another Gears of war Project: Judgement

Forza Horizon: Another Forza game that looks amazing and a cross between Need for Speed and Midnight Club with a touch of Burnout! Coming out at October this year

South Park RPG: It’s back! It looks amazing and even Matt Stone and Trey Parker appeared. It also looks like that you can use Jesus as a summon

Other games included:

LocoCycle: A cool looking motorcycle that apparently goes really fast

Wreckatere – Angry Birds Kinect

Matter: a Kinect Game with spherical looking companion cubes from Portal

Dance Central 3 was announced and it featured a performance by Usher after he announced that he had worked with Harmonix for two of the songs on the game, including his new single “Scream”

Stay tuned for more E3 goodness…or follow us on Facebook for live, on the spot blogging as we watch the conferences unfold.

Dead or Alive 5 Watch: Site Updated and More Characters

Earlier today, the Dead or Alive 5 site updated it’s site completely as well as added a new video of yet another stage and two more returning characters. The site is now outfitted with New pages, including an updated character roster, an up to date list of stages featured and more.

The new video shows Leifang vs Zack, this time fighting in the middle of a live circus as if they were the main attraction. The stage has at least two forms, the first surrounded by flaming rings of fire with random tigers leaping through them and across the stage (which you can knock your opponent into for extra damage) while the second has a cannon where you can throw and shoot your opponent out of for even more damage.

New Trailer For Dead or Alive 5: Two New Characters Revealed

Earlier today, a new trailer was released for Dead or Alive 5 revealing a new stage and two more characters in the upcoming game. The assassins Christie and Bayman are fighting in the new Hotzone stage, with is directly in the middle of a city riddled with soldiers, bullets and falling helicopters. Why would Christie and Bayman be fighting in the middle of a war zone is beyond guess, although if you actually care enough to know about DOA’s story, you wouldn’t fine it hard to believe.

After everything we’ve seen from the Alpha demo a few months ago, it’s nice to see more characters and a new stages that doesn’t seem to be as small as the previous two stages seemed before. Dead or Alive 5 is currently scheduled to come out September 2012

Source [SRK]

FFXIII-2 Additional DLC Episodes Due in May

Finally shifting their focus to something more than just additional outfits and looks that you can buy for Serah and Noel, This May, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be getting even more episodic DLC released, expanding on the story of some of the other characters involved in the main storyline.Up first with an official release date is Snow. He’ll be getting his episode just like Sazh a few months ago, on May 15th, on the same day as the Valfodr Coliseum DLC. The episode is more than likely going to explain how he was traveling through time like Serah and Noel as well as how he managed to receive the mark of a L’Cie again. Sometime after that, will be an episode centering around Lightning’s final battle with Caius Ballad while the players controlled Serah and Noel during their own final battle. While Snow’s episode currently has no title, the Lightning episode is titled “Requiem of the Goddess”

There are still some more clothing DLC planned as well. Later on in the month, you can download a White Mage outfit for Serah and a Black Mage outfit for Noel.

This is still probably the coolest looking DLC outfit though. Mass Effect fans will agree

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal

Either people who patrol the internet have way too much time on their hands just searching and finding out these web domains are taken, or game companies are doing a poor job keeping things like this under wraps. Not long ago, Sony has registered the domain []. The link now leads to a blank screen, but we do know that later this week, Sony is going to have an announcement of a new game so it’s all but certain that it’s going to be true.

The rumors are that this game, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal is supposed to be Sony’s solution to Super Smash Bros. But with the game still not officially announced yet, all that can be done right now is speculate as to who exactly is going to be in this game. Here’s hoping that we get to see an army Sackboys fight the cast of Heavy Rain.

Source: [Playstation Lifestyle] and [G4TV]

Super Mario…4?!

So does anyone remember about a year ago when we found out that Final Fantasy XIII was getting the X-2 treatment by Square Enix registering the online domain name Well if it’s an indication to all but officially confirming a game is going to come out, then prepare yourselves because IGN discovered that Nintendo had recently registered an interesting domain name…[]!

As of right now going to the site redirects you to‘s front page however, with the fact that Nintendo went out of it’s way to take the domain name before anything else, combined with the fact that Nintendo announced beforehand that it’s working on a new 2D Mario game, you can be sure that this is definitely going to come into existence.

Now let’s just hope that Nintendo doesn’t decide to  follow Sega’s example and have Mario’s fourth Super adventure be released in episodes unlike a certain blue hedgehog that we all know who has fallen on hard times during the past several years or so. (with MAYBE an exception to Sonic Generations…that game is actually pretty good.)

Happy Mass Effect 3 Day [Part 1]

Happy Mass Effect 3 Day Part 1 everyone from Project Nailbat. What’s that? You don’t know what Mass Effect 3 Day Part 1 is? Well it’s a simple concept…today, February 14th, Bioware released the demo for the finale of the Mass Effect games, Mass Effect 3. This leaves gamers having to choose between either spending their day with their special someone, or to spend the day playing the highly anticipated game. This demo is comprised mostly of what was shown in most of the E3 videos Bioware unveiled nearly one year ago at the event. The whole ‘Part 1’ deal is another easy thing to get, the celebration for the game will continue in three weeks’ time, as the full game is scheduled to be released on March 6th, 2012. Henceforth, that day will be referred to as Mass Effect Day Part 2.

After playing the demo, I can say that I’m highly anticipating the full version of the game! It plays mostly like the second Mass Effect with maybe one or two added/tweaked features like the run and jump over pitfalls and the Onmi-Tool blade. But watching the Reapers attack Earth as I was trying to get to the Normandy and getting to play a level with Liara and Garrus on the same team again was tons of fun. Unfortunately I couldn’t get access to the multiplayer option on the demo since I needed a new copy of Battlefield 3 to play, but that option should be allowed for everyone who downloaded the demo and doesn’t have the game a little later on February 17th.

So if you haven’t tried out the game yet, it’s very much worth downloading the demo and taking a look. If you happen to have the code you get after creating Commander Shepard form the previous games, you can input your code and play with the same Shepard from your previous two games, otherwise you can either use the default Shepards available, or make a new one from scratch.  With this I wish you once again, a Happy Mass Effect 3 Day Part 1. See you in three weeks for Part 2 of Mass Effect 3 Day.

Type-Moon’s Next Project…Fate/Apocrypha…Again…

Type-Moon has been a topic of interest lately, with the Fate/Zero anime still running strong as well as the U.S. release of Fate/Extra for the PSP. Now, it seems like there will be a new project involving their online game, Fate/Apocrypha through Type-Moon Ace on December 15th.

Fate/Apocrypha was scheduled to be an online game based on the Holy Grail War that takes place in the Fate/Stay Night continuity, however it was never released. Some rumors say that it had been outright canceled, but the news that will come on December 15th will show whether the game will it make a return or if it’ll be another anime project.

The setting of most of the Fate story lines is during a war between seven magi in search for The Holy Grail, which will give the last person standing any wish that they desire. The magi fight by summoning Servants to do battle for them, each of which is a heroic spirit or someone who had brought about a great change in the world while they were alive. In short, it’s kind of like an Ultimate Showdown

Type-Moon’s Fate/Stay Night and it’s many other works have a habit of taking some of history’s fabled figures and heroes and through some magic, turn them into the opposite gender. (Well…mainly it’s been turning men into women) Here are some of the following who have been Rule 63’d by Type-Moon. WARNING: these images are SPOILERS to each of their respective games/anime.

Fate/Stay Night’s Saber: King Arthur

Fate/Extra’s Rider: Francis Drake

and last but not least…Fate/Apocrypha’s Assassin: Jack the Ripper

Source: ANN and Ota-News

Sentai Filmworks Motto: Disregard Currency, Aquire Licences

Sentai Filmworks lately have been getting their hands on several shows from Japan and bringing them over to the states. Over the summer they got the shows, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimou, Samurai Girls, Angel Beats and even High School of the Dead! Well it looks like that they’re not planning to take it easy at all after the summer, already announcing several new licences that they had just gotten…and some of these shows aren’t even airing in Japan yet!

Show #1, Kamisama no Memo-chou (Heaven’s Memo Pad)Show #2: No.6Show #3: Yumekui Merry (Dream Eater Merry)Show #4: Infinite Stratos Show #5: Persona 4 The Animation Sentai has been going on non-stop with these rapid acquisitions. I wonder what else they REALLY SHOULD get the rights to next…?

*edit* Never mind, apparently Funimation already took the rights for Steins;Gate

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Super 3D-HD REMIX Arcade Edition…Plus Alpha

Okay…most of those additions to the name ARE indeed fake, but people knew that when Street Fighter IV first came out in 2009, that there was going to be remakes of the game resulting in a long title. One year later we got Super Street Fighter IV and now we have Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. I’m guessing we’re six months away from getting wither Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition EX, or it’s abbreviation… SSFIVAEEX.

However, more and more rumors are surfacing about an update to Marvel vs Capcom 3. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is rumored to be officially announced this weekend at San Diego Comic Con. The roster is believed to be increased from it’s 38 characters to a whopping 50 characters.

Some character addition speculations include from the Marvel side:

As for Capcom’s additions:

This IS speculation though and there’s a chance that some or none of these characters will even appear in the game, or even if this game will definitely be announced but we’ll find out more this weekend during Comic Con.

Other characters rumored (i.e. more I’ve seen rumored as I was typing this up)

Madoka Coming to Otakon!

Several minutes ago, through twitter, Aniplex USA as well as the official Twitter account for the anime announced that Puella Magi Madoka Magica will be making in US (subtitled) debut at Otakon at the end of the month. Following the debut will be a panel with the executive producer, Atsuhiro Iwakami discussing the project.

Since the initial announcement through twitter, as well as the announcement of the site and domain name, there has been nothing specific announced about the show, such as who’s going to be in the cast or a release date. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks we’ll finally have some specifics about the upcoming anime.

Catherine Effect Demo News

Just two weeks before its new game is going to be released, Atlus announced via Twitter that Catherine will be available for download from the PSN and the Xbox Marketplace tomorrow (7/12). From the look at the trailers that have been shown for the past few months, the game still looks like Q-bert+Tetris times Shin Megami Tensei, but the trailer will hopefully shed some light to just how the game is played as well as giving players a taste to see just how true the rumors were that the game was unbearably difficult.

In other demo news via Twitter, Casey Hudson said on Twitter in regards for Mass Effect 3, “…stay tuned for news on demo plans in a few months.” Which is really nice since the game has been delayed all the way until March. No news about any specific details yet, but we now know that it’s definitely under consideration.

E3 ’11 Impressions Part 1

The Electronic Entertainment Expo began yesterday morning and with full force. Several announcements were revealed by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo that  wowed the audience, as well as announcements made by 3rd party publishers like Insomniac and Ubisoft. So here are the things that I’m most looking forward to thanks to E3.

First off is the Tomb Raider reboot. This game looks really amazing based on the video shown. Now I personally never got into the Tomb Raider series, yet this looks like a game where I could have hours and hours of fun with. Tomb Raider is now more of a survival game rather than run and gun, and the active time events adds to the tension that the player is going to have while playing this game. Graphically the game looks great, so playing this game on anything other than an HD monitor would probably feel like a waste.

Speaking of reboots, another that I’m excited for was the reboot of the SSX series. SSX On Tour was shown and EA announced that there’s going to be three modes of game play. Race to see who’s the fastest, Trick to see who can get the most points, and Survive, where the video that was shown was the characters trying to outrun an avalanche! Another major thing to mention is that EA used satellite imagery to get realistic mountain levels based on actual locations all around the world.

Gears of War looked pretty good with it’s live demo. Marcus and company running through the levels and kicking ass like normal, but the one thing that was a little weird but yet still kind of awesome was the boss that they showed, a kraken! Yes there was actually a giant squid-like monster that Marcus and the others had to fight. At that point it wouldn’t have been much of a shock to see Jack Sparrow appear to dive head first into it’s mouth with a lancer rifle, but nevertheless it still looked pretty awesome.

Overstrike is going to be my dark horse pick this E3. The trailer here really says it all, but think of the game Brute Force for the original Xbox system mixed with Timesplitters. Interesting cast of characters, crazy weapons and the multiplayer support are probably what going to make this game. Let’s hope that this game will featured 4 player split screen co-op as opposed to only online like some games only have nowadays. Insomniac is working on the game and it’s supposed to be out by 2012.

Mass Effect 3 was probably the biggest thing that I have to look forward to now. We saw two game play demos yesterday, one where Shepard was on a mission with Mordin and Wrex with Liara and Garrris in the main party. A new weapon featuring a blade on Shepard’s omni-tool appeared in the demo which allows him to make quick kills as long as he’s up close to his opponent and also makes for dispatching enemies stealthily. The game was also announced that it’ll have kinect support, which is incredibly superfluous to the game. Instead of actually picking chat options with the controler, you can actually say what you want Sheppard’s response to say and the game will continue. Although, another thing you can do is shout commands to your squad mates without pausing the action to scroll through attacks. Now you can target a specific enemy and say “Liara, Pull!” and she’ll use that ability to whoever you target. Again, awesome, but completely unneeded.

Also, I dunno if anyone knew this beforehand, but EA’s CEO looks so much like the Illusive Man it’s almost criminal! Apperendly he’s supposed to have more of a resemblance to his voice actor, Martin Sheen but I don’t quite see is as much as I do here. Did EA do this on purpose?! Am I really the last person to find out about this?!

FMA Movie Poster

Ain’t it Cool News found this neat promo art for the Fullmetal Alchemist movie opening in teaters in Japan on July 2nd, Fullmetal Alchemist: Milos no Sei-Naru Hoshi.

Soul Calibur 5 Details

Back in December, we saw Twitter posts from Namco’s producer Katsuhiro Harada and the Soul Calibur director, Daishi Odashima saying that the next Soul Calibur game was coming. Fast forward five months later and we now have a teaser trailer giving the official announcement for Soul Calibur 5 as well as some more details about the new game.

Currently what we know is the game takes place 17 years after the last game. One of the new characters (the one shown in the teaser trailer) is named Patroklos and he is the son of long time member of the Soul Calibur roster, Sophitia. Seigfried is also confirmed to be in the game once again, returning to using his Buster Sword sized weapon, Requiem instead of wielding the Soul Calibur. Guest characters are also scheduled to appear again (like Spawn, Link and Heihachi in SC2, and Darth Vader, Starkiller and Yoda in Soul Calibur 4) but there’s no info yet as to who it will be. We know Kratos has his hands full with Mortal Kombat to go back to SoCal, but perhaps, with the addition of Fatalities Critical Finishes since the last game, maybe we could see Scorpion enter the fray?

Other things that we do know:

26+ character roster (with the game taking place 17 years after the game, we’ll see a lot of characters older, but there COULD be the chance that some will not be able to come back  due to old age?)

Edit: Sophitia’s daughter, and Patroklos’ sister named Pyrrha is also confirmed to be a playable character in Soul Calibur 5.

There’s no pic of Pyhrra as of yet, so here some fan art of Sophitia. Many fans are probably praying that she’ll have her mother’s…eyes, I’m sure.

So far, Soul Calibur V is set to come out sometime in 2012.

Fate/ZERO Teaser Trailer

The trailer for Fate/Zero finally had a trailer released for everyone to see on the internet. While not much is really shown, there’s still just enough to get fans of the franchise excited! The video can be viewed here!

Fate/ZERO is at this time scheduled to be released in October of this year! For more information about the Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay Night story check out the Type-Moon Wiki (but beware of spoilers!)


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