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New Video: Dissidia 012

Just uploaded a link to our newest video from our Youtube Page onto the main site. Nailbat goes up against his friend Anthony in Dissidia 012. Just go to the Videos page to view it at the top, go on our Youtube Page (and while you’re there feel free to subscribe) or just view the video below.

Videos Page Added

Just to let everyone know, I added  new videos page to the site, so that whenever I upload a new video onto Youtube, I can link it straight to here (Which I’ve forgotten to do  in the past two weeks!) I’m trying to make it so that it’s easy to go from video to facebook page to Youtube without switching a beat. I’ve been heavily working on videos and I’m gonna try to have a new one available every week (Most likely on early Monday mornings)

You can see our latest video on the Videos page or you can watch it below…

Beastie Boys Vs. Wagnaria

Ah…The things you can find on the internet.

E3 Part 2: Ubisoft and EA

Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference was quite possibly the best yet. They opened up with Just Dance 3 and had a live performance from Flo Rida. (Trying not to be outdone by Usher). But everyone quickly forgot about that by the time Far Cry 3 trailer opened up.

They had a woman having sex (?) with the main character as some kind of ritual to open it up and soon after jumped right into game play. Lots of shooting, chopping enemies up with machetes, and even tigers set loose on anything that moved.

There was a teaser for an Avengers game, Avengers: Battle for Earth, that showed Venom fighting Wolverine, Spider-Man taking on Magneto. At the end, The Avengers appeared and the game was announced to be for the Wii U and Kinect. No gameplay was available unfortunately.

We then saw a live demo of Rayman Legends for the Wii U (Yes, they actually played the game on a working Wii U system with Wii U controler). The game will allow for up to five players, four normal Wiimotes or Xbox 360 Wii U Pro Controllers and one tablet controller.

We saw more of Assassin’s Creed III, including a new trailer as well as gameplay footage showing off the game. During the demo, they mentioned that the game’s story with the protagonist, Connor, is set to span over 30 years in just this one game. Connor switches sides between the Colonists and the British in the Revolution in search of Templars to assassinate making for one awesome story.

The most intriguing game that was at Ubisoft’s conference would have to be Watch Dogs. A game that takes place in a world where everything is connected through computer networks, from laptops and TVs to cars, household items, probably even the air. With the world like that, it makes it an extremely dangerous world if hackers are out on the loose, and you get to pay as one of those hackers.

The whole entire broadcast was even co-hosted by Youtube star Toby “Tobuscus” Turner! Known for his Literal trailers like the one below with Hitman: Absolution

Before that was the EA conference, which wasn’t anywhere near as good as Ubisoft save for a few places. Shooters like Crisys 3, a new Medal of Honor, Dead Space 3 and Battlefield 3 were all announced, but one of which was Need For Speed Most Wanted 2, which is not an open world racing game that you can join online and off just like Burnout (since it was made by Criterion, that’s no surprise) or Test Drive: Unlimited.

The other surprisingly was Sim City, where EA announced that they were going to have both a Facebook Sim City (all while taking shots at Zynga for their Farmville game) and a full blown new PC game!

Only one more conference is left today and that’s Sony’s. We’ll see what they have to offer a little later.

Pre-E3 Warm-Up: Shots Fired by Nintendo!

E3 begins tomorrow at 9AM, but lots of sites and media outlets have been gearing themselves up for the expo by revealing their E3 hubs for all sorts of news that you can get live.

Some other companies have done things to generate buzz for E3. Square Enix released the first game play trailer for the Tomb Raider reboot as well as listing a launch date of March 3rd of next year. But Nintendo just finished having it’s Direct Broadcast revealing details about the Wii U’s hardware, as well their plans for implementing several new features for their new system.

One thing that made me laugh with joy and amusement was the Wii U Pro Controller. (Yes, that’s what it’s really called!) Not only does it look dangerously similar to an Xbox 360 Controller, but the fact that they call it that make it seem like Nintendo plans to try to lure back some of it’s fans that they lost in recent years due to their focus on casual gamers. Either that or it’s their answer to removing the Gamecube controller support and getting fans to buy more Nintendo peripherals. (Well played Nintendo…)

Some other things that was mentioned included an activity feed where you can update as you play a game, complete with Mii’s as your avatars, as well facial expressions you can use as well. Wii Wara Wara: which is like an expanded Mii Plaza which involves your Mii, other Miis on your system, friends of your Mii, and it can tell you what games everyone is playing or interested in. One other major thing that was mentioned was online competitive play, especially with games that aren’t even designed to be competitive. Think along the lines of SSX’s “multiplayer”, or like Super Mario 3D Land, where you can see how fast it took players you’ve StreetPass to beat certain levels and I think you’ll get the general idea.

E3 begins tomorrow, and I’m sure a plethora of updates and announcements will surely follow. I’ll do my best to update Project Nailbat as much as I can throughout the event.



Phoenix Comic Con Results

This is what EVERY panel ran by Project Nailbat looked like at PCC. I am not lying! It was awesome!! See every one of those chairs?! Every single one was full!

Phoenix Comic Con has come and gone, but the spirit…and photos…from PCC will live on forever! (or however long that the Project Nailbat site will be up, WHICH WILL BE FOREVER!!)

Black Widow and Maria Hill

Tifa vs Tifa

The four Asari that showed up to the Mass Effect panel ran by Project Nailbat.

One of my top faves. Guy Montag from Fahrenheit 415!

Check out the facebook page for more photos from the convention. Once again, thanks to everyone who appeared at our panels and played our games. Can’t wait to see you at the next convention!

Facebook “Like” Button Added To Site

Due to simplicity and demand, I added a button near the top of the page that links to our Facebook page. You can also like Project Nailbat from clicking the link on the side, or you can hit the like button if you’re already logged onto Facebook.

This weekend at PCC was our best weekend yet! Thank you everyone who’s showed support by visiting us at our panels and playing our games! We hope to see you at the rest of the conventions and at future conventions as well! Thank you all so very much for the support!

Toonami Update: It’s Coming Back!

Today, Adult Swim followed up on it’s campaign a month ago about the idea of bringing back the former #1 source of anime for anyone growing up in the 90s, Toonami. After the April Fool’s joke that replaced it’s programing for one night with the anime block, Adult Swim took to Twitter and asked it’s followers to make comments hashtagging #BringBackToonami to show interest in possibly having the anime block return. Well not long ago, Adult Swim tweeted the following:

That’s right, on May 26th, Toonami will be back again! Click the pic to see where the link on the post takes you.

Free Anime on Xbox Live!

Earlier today, a new app was available for download on the Xbox Live marketplace that lets you watch free anime online from Manga Entertainment. That’s right, FREE anime! However, this is only exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members, but those who have it can stream over 20 different shows and movies onto their console and TV for free. Including Macross Plus, Chrono Crusade, Ghost in the Shell and Gurren Lagann.  The app states that new titles will be added weekly, which make this a great new alternative to watching anime.

The few downsides while using this app however is that there are random advertisements that seem to play at select intervals. Ironically while watching Gurren Lagaan, every single time it seemed to be right as something big was about to happen, kind of killing the immersion effect and bringing you out of the anime. Although free anime is hard to beat, now it’d be nice if other companies like Crunchyroll would follow suit…

UPDATE: I’m not 100% on this, but it looks like the Crackle app also has free anime available for streaming. It’s not entire series like Manga Entertainment has, just single episodes, however they have much newer titles like Oreimo, Star Driver, Madoka Magicka and even Fate/Zero!

Elder Scrolls MMO Announced

“Fans’ faces when Elder Scrolls gets an MMORPG!”

Bethesda today had announced that The Elder Scrolls Online is currently being developed. The game will be available for PC and Mac, so console fans are going to have to miss out unless they jump over to PC gaming to play it.

“We have been working hard to create an online world in which players will be able to experience the epic Elder Scrolls universe with their friends, something fans have long said they wanted,” said Matt Firor, game director of The Elder Scrolls Online. “It will be extremely rewarding finally to unveil what we have been developing the last several years. The entire team is committed to creating the best MMO ever made – and one that is worthy of The Elder Scrolls franchise.”

There’s nothing about just how big the game will be. Will it encompass the whole world of the Elder Scrolls, or will it only have one part of the world like Skyrim or Morrowind? More details are sure to surface, but in the meantime for fans to celebrate, a video by Freddie Wong:

I wonder if Dovahkiin will be a class so you can Fus Ro Dah noobs in PVP, or will your account be forced to be changed to only that of a guardsmen if you take a critical arrow shot to the knee.

Mass Nintendo Update

Nintendo had a press event tonight giving a couple of announcements for the next upcoming releases. First off on the list is Nintendo announcing a compilation disk of fan’s favorite Kirby games commemorating the 20th anniversary of the series.

The 3DS is also set to be getting an update this Wednesday that’s going to allow you to customize the 3DS home layout.

And finally, for the 3DS, Nintendo is going to release New Super Mario Bros. 2 this August. So far we only have this one screen shot, but it’d be great if Nintendo decided to experiment with the multiplayer for the 3DS version of this game especially with how well the Wii version of the game’s multiplayer turned out to be. There could also maybe even something like a foot race mode where everyone rushes through the stages to get the fastest time on a level, kind of like how Super Mario 3D Land kept records on how fast you finished each level with the people you Streetpass with.

Edit: More images at IGN

Con-nichiwa 2012 and Live Tweeting

Con-nichiwa is a mere few hours away! Right as I’m typing this, I’m getting ready to make the trip up and jump right it into our first panel, which is Final Fantasy General at 3:30pm in the Cortez/Balboa room. Come join us as we reminisce about all things Final Fantasy today and join us again tonight as I, Nailbat duke it out against fellow panelist, Matt-suda in our Casual vs. Hardcore panel at 11:00pm in the same room!

Also, to try something new, I’m going to attempt to post live twitter comments throughout the whole convention. So for everyone, (yes, all twelve of you) who reads the site AND uses twitter, you can see all my comments using @ProjectNailbat.

Hope to see everyone at Con-Nichiwa!


Come See Project Nailbat at Con-nichiwa 2012

Bad news! My computer has been busted for the past couple of days so I haven’t had much motivation to add any new posts to the site. (Especially one about just how wrong I was about the announcement of Assassin’s Creed III being an April Fool’s joke/a sham. It’s really happening and I’m excited!) Anyways, the screen’s busted and it’s hard to use without the use of another external monitor, but the good news is that I should be getting a new computer (since this one was pretty old anyway) relatively soon just in time for next weekend. Which brings me to…

Next weekend from March 23rd-March 25th, Con-nichiwa is going down at the Holiday Inn at Tuscon, AZ. Sure there are gonna be lots of special guests and people there like Kyle Herbert and Colleen Clinkenbeard at the convention, but what’s really cool about the convention is that Project Nailbat is going to be returning to run panels this year!

This year we’ve got: Otaku Jeopardy, King of the Otaku, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts General, Know Your Internet Meme, Casual vs. Hardcore, and Super Nailbat Party Blowout: Arcade Edition!

We’ve got panels all three days of the convention so if you read this blog and happen to live in the area of Tuscon, AZ (or if you really love us and/or have the money, you’d come here from where ever you are!) Come down to see us at Con-nichiwa 2012


First Post of the (Chinese) New Year!

Happy (Chinese) New Year Everyone from Project Nailbat! It’s been a while since I posted on here, but I’m here now and I’m going to make my first post of the (Chinese) New Year especially since I’ve yet to make a new post since 2012 has started, so I figure that posting on the first day of the Chinese New Year can kinda make up for that. (Not exactly a good way to start off trying to achieve my New Years Resolution in doubling the amount of posts I made last year I know, but here’s hoping I’ll be able to get that goal!)

Next week, there are two major games coming out. One is Soul Calibur V for Xbox 360 and PS3. IGN just recently had a live streaming demo of the game showing off the arcade and versus modes as well as mechanics like the Critical Edge that replaced the Critical Finish moves that you could do in Soul Calibur IV.

The other major game set to be released next week is Final Fantasy XIII-2. One year ago, Square Enix announced that the game was in development and in one week it’ll finally be here. The game is already shown to be a lot more than just a story with incredibly linear gameplay since there are actually towns to go exploring through. The demo had recently been released and in just 8 days, the full game will be available. From what we saw in the demo, you can now switch between the characters in the party to be your leader, as well as collect pokemon monster souls and have them fight alongside with you. Also, there are moments in certain fights where you enter Active Time Events for extra damage, this game is looking pretty good.

Merry Christmas from Project Nailbat

Quick Mini Updates All Around

Fate/Stay Night: [Realta Nua] PC

Type-Moon announced that they’re going to release their PS2 port of Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] for the PC in Japan as three separate episodes. Each episode will be each of the three arcs in the original game, meaning Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven’s Feel. Realta Nua was the PS2 port with updated artwork in the game, featured voice acting and slightly altered the storyline to remove the adult material to have it approved for release on a gaming console. The Realta Nua Fate storyline will be released next week, on Dec. 23rd. Unlimited Blade Works will be released some time in January 2012, and Heaven’s Feel will be released in February 2012.

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Good bye to Linear Areas

One of the main issues that was universally complained about by everyone who played FFXIII when it first came out was that it was too linear. All of the stages minus Gran Pulse (which wasn’t accessible until over 30 hours into the game) were literally a straight path towards the boss. It seems like FFXIII-2 looks to correct that. Layouts for a couple of the stages have surfaced and they’re nothing like what the original had.

Players can now explore areas and not be lead down a straight and narrow path for the majority of the entire game. Maybe now the game won’t feel as if it’s one big tutorial mode for any real game play you get for just a measly fraction of the game.

Dead or Alive 5

For a while now (unbeknownst to me until earlier this week) the Dead or Alive 5 website has been live. On the site you can see a slightly longer version of the TGS announcement trailer, which shows off a little more of the new constantly changing stage elements as well as the quick time events that activate whenever you hit your opponent against a certain area of the stage at a certain time. Another new mechanic that’s going to be in the game will be that the characters you control (more notably the girls in the game) will now start to sweat and get dirty the more you move around and exert energy in a match.

Dead or Alive 5 will be the first true sequel to the series we’ve seen since Dead or Alive 4 at the launch of the Xbox 360 nearly six years ago, as well as the first new DOA game (not counting the PSP volleyball game and Dead or Alive Dimensions) without it’s original director Tomonobu Itagaki since he’s left Team Ninja and Tecmo. The game is scheduled to be released sometime in 2012 for both Xbox 360 and PS3

New Super Street Fighter IV: Archade Edition – Version 2012 Trailer: (Man, that’s STILL a long title)

This video shows exactly what they’re gonna change in yet ANOTHER update to SSFIV:AE.

details to be added later…

New Challengers in Persona 4:Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena

The Persona 4 fighting game that was announced back in August, Person 4: The Ultimate in the Mayonaka Arena, has been steadily revealing more and more characters in the game’s roster. So far, all combatants in the original Persona 4 video game, Yu Narukami [The Protagonist], Yosuke Hanamura, Chie Satonaka, Yukiko Amagi, Kanji Tatsumi, Teddie and Naoto Shiragane have been confirmed to be playable characters in the game. The annoucement of the game also confirmed that the android from Persona 3, Aigis will be a playable character as well. Obviously, a fighting game with only eight combatants would seem kind of lack luster by today’s standards, so there was a slight sliver of hope that there was going to be hope for more characters to be revealed at a later date.

Well the next two characters confirmed to be added in the game has been announced…and yes, they are indeed characters from Persona 3. Earlier today, it was announced that both Akihiko Sanada and Mitsuru Kirijo are both going to be playable characters in P4U, each with updated attire and equipped with their final Personas, Caesar and Artimisia respectively!

With the roster now at an even 10 fighters, there still could be room to add more characters before the game gets released. As to who else will be actually added still remains to be seen.

Source: Siliconera

Persona 4: The Play

Persona 4 is rapidly gaining more popularity. First it starts as a game, then it becomes an anime, then the PS Vita port gets announced and of course there’s the new fighting game. So obviously the only thing left to spread the word of Persona 4 is to have a play adaptation…right?

Marvelous AQL has announced that a Persona 4 play is now in the works. Persona 4: Visualive is expected to run from March 15th through March 20th of 2012 in Tokyo, Japan. The play is written and directed by Japanese voice actor Shintaro Asanuma and also has the original voice actor for Teddie, Kappei Yamaguchi reprising his role for the production. No word yet as if it’ll be made into a musical…

Source [ANN]


An oldie, but a goodie. Happy Halloween, everybody


It’s finally been announced. After staying quiet at this year’s E3, Rockstar announced Grand Theft Auto V

The pic says it all, we’ll get the first ever trailer for GTAV next Wednesday!

Yet Another Lego Game That Could be Awesome

Saboten Con Results

So one week after Saboten Con held in Phoenix, AZ (and after resolving some camera issues) pictures of some of the things I saw are now finally available! We had a great turnout for our panels and had lots of fun performing them for everyone who played and watch. We can’t wait until we can come out again to have everyone play our games again.

A few months ago, I finally got a new and improved camera, and so this time around, we’ve got some really good, high quality pics to put up on the site. So without further ado…

Super Secret Boss of Gears of War 3

You’ve never seen a chicken to THAT much damage since Zelda

You don’t wanna meet this thing in a dark ally…it’ll mess you up!


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